Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dicey Bonnet Finish!

This was perhaps one of the funnest knits I have undertaken in a long time.  I looked forward to the end in a positive way-just simply wanting to wear it asap.
Given my recent bad luck with some of my knitting that was a true gift.
Pattern is by JenJoyce Designs (blog here) but also available via ravelry.

I am not sure if I stated my yarn choices or not already but there goes:
The gray is Knit Picks Pallet
The orange is an off the cone 100 percent virgin wool from my local yarn store
And the maroon is a merino which came in a skein but the store owner and I were having such a fun time talking about knitting that she forgot to pack the ball band for me after winding it.
Its lightly variegated which I like but I have to say that I think a hat like this would benefit from  a yarn with a stiffer hand.
However, I love love love it! I am going to make a couple more I think. Garry wants one. I think Jasmine will snatch this if I let her so I might as well make one for her.

Jen is a great designer and her pattern was flawless. We discussed the technicalities of one of the stitches which I had a hard time understanding at first because of a slight tendency towards A.D.D. I think but Jen talked me through it. It turned out I was misreading it.

I highly recommend this pattern!

My next project may or may not be a knit. I have ordered a harness loom kit and am anxious to get going on some weaving. I have a rigid heddle collecting dust and am still going back and forth regarding whether to sell it or not. If Jasmine doesn't want it I might just do that. I would hate to but I never liked the actual loom despite really enjoying weaving.

How are your craft journeys going?


  1. I haven't popped in here for a little bit, but boy you have been busy!

    I really like the hat. Really comfortable looking, but not rigid and shapeless like a beanie. I could just see Jasmine "borrowing" it from you on a permanent basis. I would do the same thing to my mum and she was always so gracious about it, lol.

    You should be well pleased with your efforts. :)