Monday, March 3, 2014

The Knit Designer Gods Love Me

After my ordeal with that crazy shawl pattern that I was trying to knit for my ailing sister (she is well again but I am frogging the shawl) I was a little bit gun shy regarding buying more patterns from unknown designers. I still don't entirely fault the shawl designer since I have not actually communicated my dismay to her  but my nerves simply cannot handle another fail like that.

When I came across the Dicey Bonnet by Jen of JenJoyce designs though, I was highly tempted to take a chance! I like all of her work which can be bought via ravelry and on her blog.  She has a ravelry group with threads dedicated to each of the designs. I joined and she friended me-not just a nice gesture but an indication that she is active in her own group and designs.

Since I have been working on the raglan sweater , I put the thoughts aside though I had been wondering about my next project. I really really wanted to knit that bonnet and then there is the Pin Striped sweater that Jen also publishes……..sigh
Well yesterday,  Jen contacted me and offered me a free pattern of my choice! I squealed like a child inside. She simply wanted to extend a welcome and she also offered to help me through any tough spots of the pattern I chose (Dicey Bonnet of course!).

I am floored. Really Jen, if you are reading, I can't tell you how much it means to me.
I am ordering yarn today and I cannot wait to begin this project!
If you are on ravelry, then go check out Jens designs and join her group (JenJoyce Design) and the link to her really cool blog is above.
I will definitely write more once I get going on this!


  1. What a lovely gesture of generosity. I'm sure you're already knitting the dicey bonnet. :)

    When you get the chance, I would love to see the finished product.

  2. Hi Chris! I just bought the yarn yesterday and want to finish my sweater before starting this. Yes, it was very generous I thought:)

  3. I am reading... and blushing beautiful shades of crimson ;)