Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Magic Top Down Custom Fit Raglan Sweater-body and details

I have finished knitting the body to my desired length. I don't like too long or too short but I believe that I will end up adding more length before all is said and done here. I will see after I try it on.
I have opted to use a moss stitch to finish the bottom-just over an inch of that . Obviously I also chose to knit a cable pattern down the center of the front.

I had 50 stitches to play with when the neck stitches were caste on so I divided that in half and found a cable pattern that would fit down the middle. My cable pattern took up 17 stitches and were not at all affected by the raglan sleeve increase.

I have seen simple all over eyelet lace in this design or a lace panel could work down the center.  One of Jasmines dresses that I knit in this pattern had a purl panel off to the side. Another pullover had a series of ribbing in the middle at the bodice  but stockinette stitch else where.
There are skull lace patterns out there that a teen might love to have in a black sweater for example.  I don't have good luck with lace myself and didn't want to fuss with increases.
Just some ideas.

What next? Either the sleeves or the neckline. I am inclined to get the neckline out of the way while I decide on sleeve style. I am not opposed to a cap sleeve on this model but I don't like full sleeves because I don't like to roll up my sweater sleeves to do dishes. lol.

I am excited that this is nearly finished! Not to get it over with so much as to finally wear it (Oh I hope it fits and that its actually flattering!)


  1. It looks really nice! A lovely soft colour too. The pattern certainly sounds flexible enough, and you've made a comfortable sweater by the sounds of it.

    Because I'm curious and it caught my eye, what's that plant in the background?

  2. Chris, that plant in the background is a split leaf philodendron. I have always wanted one because I relate them to Henri Matisse work so when it came up for auction and I was the only person bidding (I won it for a dollar full grown!) I was so thrilled!
    I ended up lengthening the sweater quite a bit-I hate too long or too short sweaters but it was far too short! I'll be bringing this project to a close in a day or so and will be happily wearing it soon!